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Professionals Insurance

We can arrange Professional Risks insurance for you covering you against liabilities, whether you require professional indemnity cover, legal indemnity or director’s and officer’s liability.

If you are a professional person, it is essential you have the necessary level of professional indemnity cover in place, protecting you against potential litigation, which could prove very damaging not only financially but also in terms of your reputation.

We have many years’ experience advising professionals on the level of insurance they require, based on the level of risks they face, and can arrange a tailored solution for you from a leading or specialist insurer, as applicable.

This will provide cover in the event you provide erroneous advice or omission that results in your client suffering a financial loss and they file a claim against you.

We can also arrange public, product or employer’s liability, giving you protection if one of your products injures a person or damages their property and they claim compensation; or if one of your employees falls ill or is injured as a result of working for you, and claims compensation. As required, we can also arrange director’s and officer’s liability.

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